How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair incorrectly can lead to a problematic scalp such as irritation, dandruff, and other scalp issues. Additionally further issues can surface especially if you are using the wrong shampoo or products.  The same way over shampooing can lead to hair and scalp issues, so is under washing.  How often you wash your hair first and foremost depends on your hair type which includes; your hair porosity, scalp oil producing tendency, hair texture, and type (whether it is kinky curly, curly, wavy or naturally straight)  Second, your lifestyle and the types of products you used on your hair; heavily oil based or mostly water based hair products. 

Certain hair types and textures only require washing once a week, while others are best to be washed 2-3 times a week.  Those with coily or kinky curly hair, especially those with textured hair, tend to refrain from the idea of shampoo their hair often by prolonging it to as long as three weeks. While this type of hair washing routine or practice may seem ideal at first if it means to keep your hair “moisturized”, it is not the best practice for the health of your hair and scalp. This is especially true if you use heavy products or an ample amount of product on your hair, as that is usually the case for those with textured or curly hair type. This hair type usually falls in the high porosity range and tends to need heavier products, although that isn’t always the case. 

Not all with coarse textured curls or kinky curly hair requires the use of heavily oiled products on the hair especially if the hair is on the low porosity side. If this hair type or porosity type is not properly washed, the reverse effect of retaining moisture will be obtained.  Since products tend to remain on top of the hair and rapidly build-up, giving the hair a frizzy and dull appearance. One of the reasons why light products are to be used on this hair type with at least a once a week shampoo or 10 – 14 days accompanied by a co- wash (conditioner wash) in between.

Washing your hair does not have to be a chore that takes up hours of your time, nor those it needs to be done on a set day in the week. If you use the right products for your hair type and porosity paired with the right techniques, washing day can be an ease. And it will never take longer than required before your next wash, because you will now look forward to it. 

Hair Washing Tips and Routine

That weekly standard of washing the hair may not be for everyone since some may need to wash their hair more often than once a week, or less often than once a week. It is all about what fits into your lifestyle and the type of products that you use on your hair.  Here are some tips and rules to help guide you;

  1. There is no need for a wash day schedule. Wash or shampoo when your hair is dirty. That can be anywhere 1-2 weeks. Or you may go by the feel or appearance of your hair, which leads to my second tip.
  2. Wash when you have product build ups, although that isn’t always an indication that your hair is dirty. As mentioned above, if your hair starts to look dull and feel frizzy or more coarse than usual it’s time for a refresh. 
  3. Use conditioner wash or a co-wash like a creamy cleanser for that purpose in between shampooing your hair.
  4. If you mostly use heavy products or oily butter based products, incorporate a monthly deep clarifying shampoo into your hair wash routine.  Follow this with a deep conditioner treatment or mask.
  5. Experiment with your hair wash routine. Try to extend  your normal wash day or shampoo day by having some co-wash (conditioner only wash) in between. For example prolong shampoo for up to two weeks by doing a co-wash every 2 – 3 days. This may work great for those high porosity hair or chemically treated hair. Low porosity hair may need to try to shampoo 7-10 days in between co-washing.
  6. Add a deep conditioner mask into your shampoo routine for at least 15 min, if your hair falls more on the dry spectrum. Although this does not have to be every time you shampoo, do so at least by weekly or once a month. 

These are suggestions for best practice on how to keep your hair and scalp healthy and are not a ‘one size fits all’. Ultimately, you will need to play around with the routine to see what works best for you. 

Have a Healthy, Efficient and Effective Hair Washing Routine

Products suggestions by Hair type & Porosity

Shampoos & Conditioners & Co- Wash for low porosity all hair texture 

Shampoos & Conditioners & Co- Wash for medium porosity all hair texture 

Shampoos & Conditioners & Co- Wash for high porosity all hair texture 

Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners for low porosity all hair texture 

Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners for medium porosity all hair texture

Hair Masks & Deep Conditioners for high porosity all hair texture

Leave-in Conditioners for low porosity all hair texture.

Leave-in Conditioners for medium porosity all hair texture.

Leave-in Conditioners for high porosity all hair texture.

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