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  • It’s That Time of The Year!

    Where your hair and skin may need a switch of products to keep up with the heat and humidity. Where your skin doesn’t need heavy moisturizers but still needs to be protected from environmental effects. It is also that time where your hair is highly subject to the heat of the sun and humidity. You […]

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  • The Problematic Scalp

    What is a problematic scalp? Problematic scalp can range anywhere between having itchy, dry and flaky scalp. Many people use all three of these to describe their scalp in one sentence. While all three usually go hand in hand, however, they are not all the same. The reality is that these are all unique conditions […]

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  • Simple DIY Shea & Hibiscus Tea Multipurpose Butter

    In the last two posts I covered the benefits of Shea butter for the hair & skin.  I’ve touched based on their key constituents, or properties and our products containing shea butters.  Shea butter is great on its own, however it can be too greasy for some to use.  I personally like a well balanced […]

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  • Balance Your Skin’s Moisture

    Balance your skin’s moisture with another great Shea based product.  Last time I touched based on Shea butter’s benefits for the hair. This time I will touch on it’s benefits for the skin with other ingredients that bring the product together as added benefits. High levels of fatty acids and vitamins make Shea butter an […]

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