Hair Chemistry 101

Hair is made of up of protein which starts off in the hair follicle. As the hair cells mature, they fill up with a fibrous protein called keratin. These mature hair cells travel up the hair follicle and become dead material once they leaves their roots - the reason why it doesn’t hurt when you get a haircut. In other words, hair is dead material.

The Hair Chemical Bonds

The Hydrogen Bond

The Salt Bond

The Cystine Bond

The Cystine; Sulfur bond

The Sugar Bond

The Cystine Bond

Hair Products’ pH

A pH's of 3.0 to 3.5
1) Adds natural shine
2) Detangles
3) Adds elasticity
–     The lower the pH, the higher the positive charge.
–     This in turn brings hydrogen bonds from a beta state (weak) to and alpha state (strong).

Hydrogen bonds account for nearly 100% of the hair's elasticity.  
 4) Locks in moisture and protein
–     A compacted cuticle will not allow evaporation or dissociation as much as an open cuticle. 

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