Our Story

The brand’s founder and product formulator is a natural product scientist at heart. Growing up in a family where the first line of defense to fend off sickness or infection is the use of herbal medicine, she has always been fascinated by their mechanism of action. As she pursued her undergraduate and graduate studies in the biological and chemical sciences, she became even more intrigued with how much nature has to offer. Science became possible because of nature and when the two are properly blended, amazing things can happen.

Inspiration grew into ideas, and then ideas were put to work. Right in her kitchen, using her knowledge from science and what she was learning from her studies in Herbal medicine, she formulated her first line of hair care products for the use of family and friends. In 2010 with the encouragement of those who were using her products, the hair care line was launched. To date, she has expanded her brand to include, skin care and bath & body products, each formulated with her blend of proprietary herbal complexes. Her purpose in creating the product line is to encourage everyone to have a holistic approach to life, using products that add back to your health in a positive way.

The Saffiyah Botanicals brand was founded on 3 main principles:

  1. Holistic base (ingredients that are beneficial to the overall health)
  2. Low maintenance or minimalist (decrease the use of multiple products)
  3. Effective (where a small amount goes a long way)