Our Products

The Saffiyah Botanicals line contains a full range of hair care, skin care, bath & body and home base products.  The products are formulated with Our Proprietary Herbal Complexes, and botanical extracts and prepared in house to ensure the efficacy of active ingredients to suit your beauty needs.  The ingredients used are natural, naturally derived and certified organic, Kosher and Eco-cert ingredients.

Products are scented with essential oil blends as well as preserve using food grade preservative.  Each are carefully crafted in small batches to ensure pick quality and efficiency.

The hair care line is design for use by women, men and children of all hair types and needs.  The entire hair care line is formulated to maintain hair's health, increase manageability and enhancing its natural beauty.

The products are formulated with ingredients working in synergy to help decrease the use of multiple product use or layering.  Having a minimalist way to your beauty regimen.