Hair styling creams and gels are using to define and maintain natural curls.  Our curls styling gels and creams are plant base formulated to suit your hair and curl type by porosity. Assuring you are selecting the best curl styling products suited for your particular hair needs.

Curls styling cream usually define curls without much hold.  Curls may last a day or two.  The moisture level in curls creams varies based on the ingredients in the product formula.

Curl styling gels are usually formulated to give your curls maximum hold and definitions.  Curls definitions when using a gels base products usually last longer than that of a curl styling cream.

The Magnificent Curls Puree has a max curl definition factor with a strong hold, while the Curls Stretching Gelee has a a curl definition factor with a strong-medium hold depending on the curls type.  The Kinky Coils Pudding on the other hand give your curl more of a natural look with less definition and soft hold. It is best suited for coarse curls looking for a soft hold.

The Avocado Coconut Milk Butter is a well balanced styling butter that is non-greasy.  It is great for all hair types especially coarse hair with high – medium porosity.  And because the oils well balanced low porosity hair can also benefit from it.  The Avocado Coconut Milk Butter is great for twisting, braiding, locking and twists outs for a soft finish with nice curl definitions.

Further explore our styling creams and gels by hair types and porosity.

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Showing all 5 results