Have You Used The Magnificent Curls Purée?!?!

We Hope you are coping well in this time of hibernation with CO-VID19. We wish that you and family are doing well and are healthy.

We thank you for your continued support in this economically difficult time for all of us.  We want to make this time at home fun and worthwhile for you.

We are starting a product giveaway series for every video testimonial you send us


We are looking for video testimonial of the Magnificent curls Purée.  To participate simply follow these steps below!


Please send in a video by April 13 with the following questions:

Who are you?

What problem did you have with your hair before you used the Magnificent curls Purée?

What made you purchase the Magnificent curls Purée?

What results did you get from the Magnificent curls Purée?

Use your phone or any other technical device to record and upload your video using the link below

Upload Video


If you have any technical difficulties or you need me to record a video with you, please reply to this email.


Video submissions are due by April 13 . To Receive The


The giveaway is a set of trial size products or $25 Gift certificate for your next purchase. When you send in your video specify your choice.


Send extra videos of other products (Free product or gift certificate per video sent)


Record From Computer Here


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