The Ultimate Hair Cocktail for Supple, Manageable, Hydrating Hair

The Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail, formerly the Shea Soft Styling Crème, and prior to that The Shea Soft Curls, is the ultimate hair Cocktail for obtaining supple, manageable, hydrating hair.  This was one of the very first products I formulated; it sure has come a long way.  I first formulated this product to respond to my hair’s needs; something that would hydrate, soften and easily detangle my hair when I ran my fingers though whether wet or dry.

At the time when I formulated this product, the reawakening of women wanted to embrace their natural hair texture had just started.  Although I had embraced my natural hair texture well before that, what was most important to me was having products that were natural base and worked!!!   With that said I named it Shea soft Curls because it sure made my hair soft!  Thinking back, I was so happy with it. I still am to this day and it is one of my top sellers and a favorite of so many due to its diversity to suit all hair types.

Although it’s diversity for all hair types came by accident, well I wouldn’t say accident …. more of a surprise to one of my friends with naturally straight hair who used it. Thus, hence the name changes to Shea soft styling crème.  She felt the curls in the product name would cause many without curly, wavy or naturally straight hair to be missed out on a really nice product as she almost did!

So, brought me to the two featured ingredients of the product: Shea Butter & Hibiscus Flower

Shea butter has many beneficial properties for the hair including the skin but for the sake of “honoring’ the Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail will focus on its beneficial properties for the hair. And, when properly formulated it highly suits many hair types.

Shea butter is a byproduct of Shea nuts that are harvested from the Vitellaria paradoxa tree in West Africa.  The Shea tree is also known as the “karite tree” (which means “tree of life”) because of its many healing properties (1). Recently, use of Shea butter has become prevalent in hair and skincare products throughout North America (1, 4)

While there are many scientific data to support Shea butter ‘s benefits on the skin, it hasn’t been extensively studied or reported on scientific journals related to its benefits or effect on hair. However, Shea butter and oil benefit on hair wasn’t hard to measure.

  • Some of the noticeable benefits of Shea butter for the hair includes; providing lubricants and moisture to dry or damaged hair. Repairing and protecting against weather damage, brittleness. It is particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair. It also helps increase shine and reduce the frizz of your hair (1)
  • Shea butter is highly emollient, filled with vitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids, all of which makes it a mighty moisture powerhouse for the hair and scalp, with healing features (1, 2, 3). Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties that may also help to reduce redness and scalp irritation (1, 5)

With all these great benefits of Shea butter, the type and quality used is also important.  Raw, unrefined Shea butter is of the highest quality.  Furthermore, because Shea butter can be very greasy, depending on your hair type, this may or may not be desirable. Ultimately, the way it is incorporated or formulated in a product is highly important in order to create a balanced effect on all hair types, this is the case with the Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail. (Related Products; Kinky Coils Pudding, Baobab Shea Silkening Milk, Broccoli Shea Finishing Glaze)

Our next featured ingredients is Hibiscus flower extract. Hibiscus extract or infused oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth and regrowth from dormant hair follicles in bald patches (6).  In turns, it helps thicken hair for added volume.  In addition to its many benefits for the hair, extracts of Hibiscus showed antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic activity (8), thus making it helpful in treating certain scalps conditions such as itchiness and dandruff.

Hibiscus flowers are also rich in mucilage, a complex mixture that forms a soothing gelatinous fiber when water is added (9, 10).  Mucilage are highly useful in softening, hydrating and lubricating the hair thus increasing manageability (related product; Magnificent Curls Puree), Furthermore;

  • It is rich in vitamin C, whose deficiency is suggested to cause hair loss (1)
  • It is rich in amino acids, constituents that are useful in strengthening the hair and roots (1,8,9)
  • It also helps prevent premature graying (based on method used) of hair and is a good hair conditioner (1)

Many scientific studies have found Hibiscus flowers to be loaded with beneficial nutrients, beneficial both internally and externally. But for the sake of this blog article will stop here!  To explore further, visit some of the useful resources below.

In another blog/article we will explore the benefits of Shea butter on the skin in some of our related products.  Have you used the Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail? Tell us of your experience by submitting a testimonial  Here and or a product review there.  Haven’t tried it yet or you simply want to replenish?  Buy one get one free here (offer expires on April 24).

Take advantage of this time of hibernation to give your hair the tender loving care it needs! Get high end salon results without the high-end salon price tag!!!


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