The Naturally Derived Vitamin C Alternative in Skin Care

Looking for a natural vitamin C alternative to your skin care regimen? Orange Peel extracts that also provide a sustainable approach can make that possible for you.  The orange peels are a common waste by-product from mass producing orange juice and contain a rich source of L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). By using the orange peel […]

The Aging Skin & The Ingredients That Reverse the Clock!

The aging skin & the ingredients that Reverse the clock is a focus on many facial (Skincare) care products, having anti-wrinkle properties with the hope of reversing the clock on aging.  Well aging, wrinkling of the skin is the natural process of life, however how we try to avoid it, there is no escaping it.  […]

Are Facial Serums Necessary to Your Skin Care Routine?

Are Facial Serums Necessary to Your Skin Care Routine? Serums would normally go after cleansing and toning/spritzing, and before moisturizer. Whether they are necessary or not depends on the formulation of your skin moisturizer (brand) and your skin needs. Most skin care brands that are aiming to be minimalist are formulating their products to be […]

Your Problematic Scalp?

What is a problematic scalp? Your Problematic scalp can range anywhere between having itchy, dry and flaky scalp. Many people use all three of these to describe their scalp in one sentence. While all three usually go hand in hand, however, they are not all the same. The reality is that these are all unique […]