Balancing Your Skin’s Moisture

Balance your skin’s moisture with another great Shea based product.  Last time I touched based on Shea butter’s benefits for the hair. This time I will touch on it’s benefits for the skin with other ingredients that bring the product together as added benefits. High levels of fatty acids and vitamins make Shea butter an […]

The Ultimate Hair Cocktail for Supple, Manageable, Hydrating Hair

The Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail, formerly the Shea Soft Styling Crème, and prior to that The Shea Soft Curls, is the ultimate hair Cocktail for obtaining supple, manageable, hydrating hair.  This was one of the very first products I formulated; it sure has come a long way.  I first formulated this product to respond to […]

The Magnificent Curls Purée Video Series

Have you used the Magnificent curls Purée?  Formerly the Magic Curls Purée.  We are starting a product giveaway series for every video testimonial you send us We are looking for video testimonial of the Magnificent curls Purée.  To participate simply follow these steps below!   VIDEO SUBMISSION Please send in a video with the following […]