Does Detangling Your Texture Hair Increase Hair Growth?

Should You Detangle Your Textured Hair Often? Hair type is determined by the follicles and giving credits to genetics follicles vary in size, shape and thickness, which determines your hair shape and thus hair type; coily, kinky curly, curly, wavy, straight.    Whatever type or category your hair falls under, all come in 3 major […]

Natural Product Ingredients: The Good and The Bad

Natural Products Ingredients: The Good and The Bad! The Term Natural Product With the Clean beauty on the rise, many are using the words natural and organic to refer to their products. The term “natural” is not an official term as `there is no formal system that regulates ‘natural’ or a legal definition of what […]

Your Problematic Scalp?

What is a problematic scalp? Your Problematic scalp can range anywhere between having itchy, dry and flaky scalp. Many people use all three of these to describe their scalp in one sentence. While all three usually go hand in hand, however, they are not all the same. The reality is that these are all unique […]